Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Grand Day Out - Auguste Reymond - Part 2

So picking up -

Auguste Reymond is now, not unlike so may other smaller brands, reintroducing themselves.  As regular readers will note, I do not have a lot of time or patience for money wasting for vanity's sake.  And that is absolutely what you will not find at Auguste Reymond either in their facilities or their watches.

As I said yesterday, the workshop space is adjoined to the sales and administration offices.  And rather than redecorate, the team at Auguste Reymond has embraced the wonderful fixtures, furniture and amenities.  I am a sucker for "atomic age" furniture and architecture, so I love the space and it's furnishings.  But taking my personal style preferences out of the equation, this place is fantastic because it truly embodies the feeling of a certain place and time when elegance was possible without flamboyance.  And that sensibility truly lends itself to the Auguste Reymond of today.

While there are many links to the past -

The today's Auguste Reymond are very much of today -

The links to the heritage, to the foundation are there to be seen at any point. Even a reference clock just inside the entrance -

But today's Auguste Reymond is not your grandfather's watch company -

Courtesy of Auguste Reymond
Clearly based on a classic design idea, but updated and given a contemporary twist.  And owing to  the realities of life for smaller watch companies, there are some items that are not taken care of completely "in house".  Yet and still, it bears mentioning that Auguste Reymond actually makes things.  All too often watches are completely put together (from start to finish) by a third - party assembler and delivered to the administration office to be "finished off" with a price tag and then packed for shipping.  Not so at Auguste Reymond -

Real watches being assembled by real people at real work benches.  Again, you will note that the work benches are most definitely not the latest, most cutting edge, they clearly still work just fine!

Perhaps what was so enjoyable about the visit - it was both a look back and a look forward at the industry.  Classic equipment from the previous generation being skillfully utilized by the next one.

So in a time where it seems like watch companies disappear only to be "reborn" and retooled, I am grateful that there are still companies out there like Auguste Reymond, real watches from real people, assembled in an atmosphere that evokes all of the feelings that we associate with the industry.  It was a wonderful experience, and you never know, if things continue to improve for Auguste Reymond, visits from the public may become possible ; )

There is one more item to share - so stay tuned!

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