Thursday, February 4, 2016

Watches for a Running Dog

Those kooky guys over at Raketa have done it again!  

It’s Time to buy Russian Manufactured Watches!

Now those who follow these things might recall that not so long ago, a certain Russian watch company informed we decadent Westerners that we would NEVER, EVER be allowed to buy their "select" watches. Apparently those in the "West" who questioned Russia's "Foreign" policy as well as their human rights stance were called "Rude".  

Well, I guess that times change, so in this latest step towards d├ętente the folks at the Petrodvorets Watch Factory want you "Running Dogs" to buy a Raketa now. 

And because they seem to feel that they are in "direct" competition with Omega (yeah, I scratched my head too), here's their "manifesto" in visual format -

Courtesy of Raketa
So Tovarich, break out your American Express Card and spend some Rubles!  Here's their pitch -

Americans and Europeans can buy “Raketa” watches on the exclusive factory shop : . The Factory adjusted the USD prices this week. Raketa organises safe delivery worldwide!

Tell 'em Henki sent you!

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