Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Than Just A Watch

As many of you probably don't know, I spend my days working at Brooks Institute - at least for the next few weeks until we move to the Boston - Metro area. It is a fantastic job in that you get to see the "before" for aspiring young artists before the rest of the world discovers them. And it is not the "best kept" secret among some of the students and graduates that I write about watches, so they will often come in to share their watches and the stories that come with them. Yesterday was such a day.

The young man above is Alex Ibarra, and I encourage you to take note of his name.

He popped into the Career Services office yesterday to talk about his plans and in the process shared the story of his digital watch.  No, it is not the purchase of some tragic "hipster" who picked it up at Urban Outfitter.  This little piece of history was actually his grandfather's, which his father passed on to him this past Christmas.  This is the real, un-hyped deal.

A watch is in many ways a time capsule.  It is a personal piece of iconography that we carry with us every day.  And what makes a watch cool has nothing to do with packaging, advertising or celebrity ambassadors.  What makes a watch cool is how it interacts with the person wearing it.  And when it comes to advertising I will say that there is one thing that Patek Philippe got right in their pitch -
you never really own it, you look after it for the next generation.

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