Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ernst Benz & Anthony Liggins

A new collaboration between Ernst Benz and Anthony Liggins. 

Courtesy of Ernst Benz
These three pieces make up the Ernst Benz by Anthony Liggins collection.

Courtesy of Ernst Benz

Heres the scoop from the source -

The Art and Time project unfolded when Leonid Khankin, President and master watchmaker of Ernst Benz, met Anthony Liggins following the Miami Art Basel fair two years ago. Khankin was struck by an extraordinary painting that Liggins was preparing to ship out to a client. The immediate connection led to a discussion of art and watches resulting in the two working together to produce a limited edition series of timepieces featuring Anthony’s paintings. 

Courtesy of Ernst Benz
The fusion of Ernst Benz craftsmanship and Liggins’ creativity embodies their separate individual values and spirit while celebrating the concept of art and time with the dial of Ernst Benz’s signature 47mm sized case offering the ideal miniaturized canvas to show Liggins’ work. This unique timepiece series offers Liggins’ collectors and Ernst Benz enthusiasts a visual experience that allows them to admire the artwork while telling time. 

The Ernst Benz by Anthony Liggins collection is being produced as a limited edition 47mm ChronoSport with only 25 pieces of each of the three different versions, each showing signature Liggins’ paintings in shades of blue, red/brown and yellow. This special series will be available exclusively at the Anthony Liggins Gallery 88 in Miami and select Ernst Benz retailers.  

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