Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Doing Good - #omegavivario Social Action #5

Here's the scoop, straight from Omega -
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Inspiring future journalists

Those in disadvantaged communities have a unique view of the world. This project will help give them a voice, by supporting the new space for the VIVA Favela Community Correspondent course.

Courtesy of Omega

Viva Favela is a citizen journalism project that was born in 2001 with the objective of exposing the world of the favelas and outskirts of the city through a different point of view than traditional media. It specifically stimulates the integration and digital inclusion of those communities. The project offers multimedia workshops that train youth to become community correspondents, and maintains an internet website with content developed by these correspondents and other youth living in vulnerable communities.

Courtesy of Omega

The website www.vivafavela.com.br is a national reference and has received many awards. It comprises of a network of registered users and has dozens of correspondents that feed each area with collaborative content through independent blogs, texts, photos and videos. These are suggested by correspondents and discussed with the editorial staff who turn it into a paid publication.

Courtesy of Omega

How OMEGA will help

Through the structuring of an interactive multimedia space, this project will contribute to the journalism project by promoting events and providing courses on new technologies and media. This includes image editing, photography, and audiovisual production.
Such a physical improvement will activate youth, and at any one time, benefit 60 teens and young adults interested in Citizen Journalism and the production of media content.

Courtesy of Omega

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