Saturday, February 13, 2016

Because Nothing Says "Classy" like...

Courtesy of Armin Strom
This just in from the "Bureau of Truly Goofy Ideas" -
Ladies, and Gentleman and Children of All Ages!  Stand back in wonder as Armin Strom reaches the "Tipping Point".
There are a lot of dangerous ideas, a lot of tacky ideas and a lot of just plain bad ideas.  In fairness to Armin Strom, this new calamity isn't dangerous, is a wee bit tacky, and only time will tell if it is a truly bad idea.  Having said that, it is beyond goofy.

The concept is pretty straight forward (presuming you've been on a two week bender), take a watch, create a "container" that holds a drop of what the folks at Armin Strom describe as a: PRIZED 1762 COGNAC, and throw the switch -
Courtesy of Armin Strom
And because I find this concoction so baffling, I'm going to let them explain it in their own words -

A Spirited Design: Armin Strom's Cognac Watch Contains Drops of Prized 1762 Cognac
Celebrates Announcement of Wealth Solutions as New Polish Partner 

Courtesy of Armin Strom 

Private ownership allows Swiss watch manufacturer Armin Strom the freedom to explore novel concepts and unusual projects. To commemorate its new partnership with Wealth Solutions in Poland, Armin Strom created a highly unusual wristwatch. The movement of the mechanical timepiece features a small capsule containing a 1762 Gautier Cognac, which was owned by Wealth Solutions. 

Courtesy of Armin Strom

Armin Strom chief horologist Claude Greisler devised a concept that protects the movement while incorporating the rare spirit. A sealed sapphire crystal disc positioned at 5 o'clock captures the rare Cognac. Manual wind with a five-day power reserve, the watch will be produced in stainless steel, 18k rose gold and titanium cases. On the backside, a hand- engraved design of a bunch of grapes decorates the base plate. 

Now in all fairness, I am not now, nor ever have been in Armin Strom's "demographic".  And it is entirely possible that Cognac aficionados will be clamoring to get their hands on this latest model.

Do I get, or even remotely understand the idea?  No.  But as my MeMaw used to say, that's what makes a horse race.

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