Thursday, January 21, 2016

Water From the Moon

I used to manage a group of language schools in Finland that specialized in teaching executives and government officials.  What I came to learn was that yes - we taught the high and mighty, but that didn't make us them.  As much as we would like to be ; )  

And this brings me to the topic of the work of F.P. Journe - there are watches, and then there is F.P. Journe.
Courtesy of F.P. Journe
These are the latest offerings - the Octa Divne.

Courtesy of F.P. Journe
Available in either red gold or platinum.

Here are the details -

Exclusive FPJ calibre 1300.3 in 18K rose Gold. 
Mechanism with unidirectional automatic winding Rotor in 22K red Gold, off centre and guilloche

Dimensions of the movement
Overall diameter: 30.80mm Casing-up diameter: 30.40 mm Overall height: 5.70 mm
Height of winding system: 3.00 mm Diameter of stem thread: S0.90 mm

Chronometric, with 4 inertia weights Flat Anachron microflamed spring Mobile stud holder
Free sprung balance

Nivatronic laser-welded to collet Pinned GE stud
Frequency: 21,600v/h (3Hz) Inertia: 10.10

Angle of lift: 52°
Amplitude: 12h dial up: >280° - 90h dial up: >220°

160 ± 12 heures
Winding speed: 274 rotations (anti clock wise) / 24 hours 

Main Characteristics
Three position crown
Winding of the watch, position 0, clock wise Correction of the date, position 1, anti clock wise, Correction of the moon, position 1, clock wise, Correction of the time, position 2
Instantaneous date change
Barell with slipping spring
In line lever escapement, 15 tooth wheel

Central hours and minutes, small second in window at 4h30 Large date in window at 11h30
Power reserve at 10h00
Phases of the moon 7h30

Circular Côtes de Genève on bridges Partial circular graining on base plate Polished screw heads with chamfered slots Pegs with polished rounded ends
Steel components hand polished and chamfered

Platinum PT 950 or 18K red Gold Diameter: 40 or 42 mm
Total height: 10.6 mm

Number of parts_
Jewels: 37
Movement without dial: 281 Cased up on leather strap: 321 

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