Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tag Heuer and CES


Apparently Tag Heuer feels this is "groundbreaking"!

I beg to differ, but you be the judge:

The “TAG Heuer Connected” watch continues to surprise! 

TAG Heuer, presenting an exclusive and groundbreaking collaboration with its Ambassadors, unveils the first personalized watch faces for its “TAG Heuer Connected” watch at CES Las Vegas 2016.

As I said, I don't get it - but for your edification, here is the Tom Brady edition.  Clearly Mr. Brady is a better quarterback than he is a designer.  Now it would be really cool if when you bought the "ambassador face" for your connected Tag Heuer it came with a special app designed with the ambassador in mind?  For example, I have no doubt that Mr. Brady would find an app that measures the air pressure in a football quite useful.  And I'm sure this slice of creativity looks great with a pair of UGGs -

Courtesy of Tag Heuer

And brace yourself for the Jeremy Lin -

Courtesy of Tag Heuer
In terms of custom apps, it could double-down with two handy apps:

1.  The "over-the average" app.  With this smart watch app, Tag Heuer's connected watch could ensure that Mr. Lin would be warned if he's ever in danger of exceeding his "rugged" 12 point per game average.

2.  Zillow  with his connected Tag Heuer, he'll be able to get a jump on house-hunting when the inevitable happens.

Let's be honest, I suspect even Jean-Claude Biver could take Mr. Lin at the low-post.

And hold your applause - the most exciting of all -

Courtesy of Tag Heuer
The Giancarlo Stanton!!!

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