Saturday, January 23, 2016

SIHH - the Antidote

With all of the excitement finally receding into the background with the closing of SIHH for another year, I though it might be interesting to have a look at something from a Richemont group company that is not a "show-pony".

This is my very own Jaeger Le-Coultre Atmos clock.  It has, in the past, informally served as the official timekeeper for Tempus Fugit.  And it does come with a bit of an interesting story. It had been left at a local watch makers for repairs back in the 90s. The person who left it never came back for it.  I visited the shop pretty much once a week to ask if it was finally for sale.  Every week I got the same answer from the store owner - "Let me think about it and I'll tell you next week".  This went on for a little over 11 months.  I finally convinced the owner of the shop to sell it to me and it has now been with us for several years. As with any vintage clock or watch, it has required a few trips for service to finally get "just right". I think that we are finally there.

Now while I would love to own a red Reverso or an Overseas from Vacheron Constantin one day, I truly am not bothered about all of the "of the moment" concoctions hurled about as "SIHH specialties".  A note to the marketing folks at Richemont - you have some singular classics - don't forget about them ; )


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