Sunday, January 24, 2016

New England Clock Rescue Project

It is safe to say, that I grew up with this clock in our living room on Oak Street.  My mother had bought it at a furniture store between Oberlin (where we lived) and Elyria (where my father worked), Ohio.  

This clock has been a lot of places, and when she died the clock stayed with her husband who, regrettably, did not treat it very well.  

As you probably understand, a wooden clock is both a clock and a piece of furniture, and the wood needs to be treated with care.  Unfortunately these finer points were not exactly followed.

And it is somewhat ironic to consider that this clock was made in Connecticut, was purchased in Ohio, moved back east to Massachusetts, then to Pennsylvania and is now here in California where it will hopefully be brought back to working condition here. Before it moves, with us, back to Massachusetts when we move in March ; )

Not quite the Red Violin, but quite a journey nonetheless.

I will keep you posted.

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