Monday, January 18, 2016

Don't Believe the Hype!

On a day when everyone at SIHH is apparently pooping their trousers over the latest offering from IWC, I thought I would share with you the counter-point to the "tulip-mania" - meets watchmaking philosophies of some folks in the fourth and fifth estate and share with you something a bit more realistic in terms of pricing, that is wonderfully free of the magic pixie dust sprinkled to add zeroes to price points.

And it is also, the shit that killed Elvis!

Courtesy of Stowa
This is the Icarus Klassik Sport from Stowa and in fairness, it is not a brand spanking new "SIHH Specialty".  It is not something cooked up just for a special occasion for the press to fuss and cluck and fawn over as they reach for another prawn cocktail.

Courtesy of STOWA
This is - hold onto your hats - a REGULAR, CONSTANT member of the collection.  And it is beautiful.  It is everything that IWC is trying to convince you that their latest iteration is.  And what continues to fascinate me about Stowa's approach is that they consistently put out a great watch, and if the wait times to receive the watch you ordered are anything to go by, the demand constantly outstrips the supply.  Clearly the folks at Stowa are onto something!

Their modest efforts - without hoopla, fanfare, millions in advertising, celebrity pals (or prawn cocktails for that matter) are a welcome change - a sustainable business model.  Making watches as they are requested - rather than making watches and waiting for the request.

The case is 43 mm in diameter and is stainless steel and is water resistant to 20 atmospheres.  The movement is ETA's 2824 - 2 TOP version.  Hours, minutes, seconds and date at 6 o'clock with approximately 38 hours of power reserve.

So ask yourself an important question - do you want a REALLY COOL pilot's watch, or do you want to help pay for more prawn cocktails?

Oh, and at 1,084 Euro (less VAT) you can still afford that prawn cocktail - FOR YOURSELF!

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  1. "On a day when everyone at SIHH is apparently pooping their trousers over the latest offering from IWC"

    Almost makes me think you are angry for not being invited to SIHH. Just kidding - I love your ability to see through the BS and say it like you see it. It's good to come to your site, and get away from the fluff and gaggy reviews of most of the other watch blogs.

    Keep up the good work!