Sunday, January 31, 2016

Doing Good - #omegavivario Action #4

This is the fourth initiative from Omega as part of their #omegavivario program -

Creating leaders of the future

Courtesy of Omega

By refurbishing and equipping The Young Apprentice Centre, this project will help to improve youth education, giving them the ideal platform to launch their careers 

Courtesy of Omega

The Young Apprentice Program has a very successful history of placing youth within the job market. The action is based on a federal law stating that between 5% and 15% of every big or medium sized company's workforce or staff should be made up of young workers (14 to 24 years old).

Viva Rio is one of the main providers of the program, from registering students, to overseeing their time during professional service. The selected youth go through a qualification course and receive the support of a multidisciplinary team that works together with their families, schools and companies.

To ensure excellence in the provided service, Viva Rio has developed advanced study materials alongside highly qualified teachers who also provide complementary activities.

Courtesy of Omega

How OMEGA will help

To improve youth education within the Young Apprentice Program, this project will purchase new equipment and furniture that will reform the project´s study room.

This includes adapting an education space and installing new computers, tablets, TVs, tables, air-conditioning, chairs, new study desks, and broadband connection.

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