Sunday, January 31, 2016

Doing Good - OMEGA - #omegavivario

This is OMEGA's  #omegavivario:

Courtesy of Omega

Continuing the development of young children

This project will again support the development of children by providing equipment for recreational activities and learning.

Courtesy of Omega
One of the critical factors in early childhood care is strengthening family and community involvement. The aim of this project is exactly that, with the hope that it will give every child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Program for Childhood Stimulus helps to expand the provision of health care in vulnerable communities. The support teams are made up of professionals who have proper technical knowledge to support motor, cognitive and emotional development. The teams will also work in collaboration with Family Health staff. That way, we can promote the Complete Development for Early Childhood in line with governmental programs.

This Social Action will benefit over 1000 families in the Carlos Neri Health unit, located in the Quintino neighborhood, in the North Zone of the city.

Courtesy of Omega

How OMEGA will help

The space linked to the Family Health Program will be fully equipped to allow children to carry out recreational activities and receive a socio-cognitive stimulus that promotes proper development. The space will also be enabled to integrate families to ensure each child has support on every side.

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