Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Slippery Slope

In news that barely rippled the already fetid and murky scum floating atop "Loc Fifa", the FIFA "ethics committee" (perhaps the greatest working example of an oxymoron ever) DEMANDED that  all of the "gifted" Parmigiani Fleurier watches be "handed over" immediately - or else!

Insert gasp of shock here...

This story was posted on November 26, 2015.  The original story regarding the "ill-gotten goodies" from Parmigiana Fleurier broke over A YEAR AGO!  And only now are we hearing from the "Ethics Committee" that the watches need to be returned?!?

Football may be the "beautiful game" but the business behind it is dirty, and the boys and girls flipping the levers behind the curtain at FIFA and its "partners" are slipperier than a whale's turd on an ice floe.  

More than a year to come to the conclusion that was already reached (albeit by the court of public opinion) that maybe, just maybe it was a bad thing that members of FIFA had not turned in their watches already?  Michel "what, me worry?" Platini at the time crowed that he would NOT return the watch as it was a "present" and it was bad manners to return a "present".  This is, at least, consistent with his attitude to most FIFA "business".

But don't worry!  FIFA has proudly announced that the "slightly used/low mileage" watches would be donated to a non-profit organization.  I can only assume that means a yard sale to try and get some money out of the watches and then use the funds for charities in Brazil.  

But don't worry, Hublot STILL LOVES FOOTBALL, and if Jean-Claude Biver's comments on CNN a while back regarding Sepp Blatter's presumed "innocence" are anything to go on, it seems clear that like Tammy Wynette, he's going to stand by his man.

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