Monday, December 7, 2015

The Dark Master

From lip

I was in Besançon a few weeks back and finally got to see one of Roger Tallon's lip creations up close and "on the wrist".  I had not been 100% of the size, look and feel.  You will note that is "past tense".

The Mach 2000 is a wonderful size and fit, and the seemingly strange design was not come upon by just trying to be "quirky".  Legend has it that Mr. Tallon found the normal shape of a watch to be somewhat challenging to wear while working as it would interfere with the movement of his hands.  So the flat side and somewhat "shifted" focus were (if the legend is true) an ergonomic choice.

It works!

Saving my Euros now ; )

Here are the "particulars":

Courtesy of lip

Roger Tallon
1975 revised 2008

Watch reference
189 25 12

Strap reference
M size lenght 230 mm / 100 191

Buckle reference
150 153

Battery type

Caseblack / s. steel / 50 meters / 42X40 mm

Dial - Black

Strap - Black / black lining / rubber

Movement - Ronda 5030-D

Gender : man
Style : contemporary
Display : hands
Strap Material : rubber
Strap Color : Black
Dial Color : Black
Case Color : Black
Movement : Quartz

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