Sunday, December 20, 2015

Getting Buttoned - Up!

With RQQR Links!

Courtesy of RQQR Links
Cufflinks are, I think, a rather misunderstood design challenge.  Typically people get all hot and bothered about the gold, the enameling, the "recognition" factor - i.e. people will know you're a pretty important fellow based on the branding of your cuff.  But NOBODY has ever taken a few minutes to take into consideration how pleasant it would be to have a well-designed system for cufflinks that would allow for variation of use and circumstance.  Until now.

These are the RQQR links.  A modular cufflink system that was conceived, designed and crafted by a watch writer that I have a great deal of respect for - Joshua Munchow.  The idea is pretty simple, a modular system whereby you have a top piece and a bottom piece that screw into each other.  But it goes further than that.  The set comes with:
  • 2 RQQR Links A1 Limited Edition heads - in other words the part that you look at.  It is a beautifully simple (not dumb, but simply elegant) design bearing 3 circles.
  • 2 Standard Keepers - this is the back piece that secures into the head.  It is the part you don't generally see as it is on the "inside".  This is usually the folding bar that you thread through your shirt cuff and then fold to secure it.
  • 1 XL Keeper - As watches get bigger, we need more "room" to accommodate our timekeepers on either our right or left hand.  RQQR has you covered.  This seemingly insignificant touch is a testimony to how Joshua's mind works.  If every designer was this in-tune, we probably wouldn't be wandering around wishing someone had thought of...    Insofar as cufflinks go, Mr. Munchow has seen a product drawback, and solved it.
  • 1 Lapel Keeper - I have seen some guys who take one cufflink and wear it as a lapel pin - well you don't have to wait to lose a cufflink to do this now ; )
Courtesy of RQQR

So a few words from the man behind this intelligently designed product -

RQQR Links began as an idea to make a modular and interchangeable cufflink system. The goal was to create an integrated concept that could reduce material use and provide a stylish way to vary designs and materials. Seeing what had already been designed led me to realize there was a gap that I was perfectly suited to fill. My solution for that gap was standardized parts combined with limited edition designs.

Courtesy of RQQR


RQQR Links as a concept now lived, but the concept was nameless. As a fan of typography and symmetry, I desired a name that could utilize the benefits and design options or repeated letters and a symmetrical shape. It also needed to be immediately recognizable and easy to remember. The answer revealed itself to me one day while I scribbled somewhat absentmindedly on a pad of paper.

Jotting down random combinations of letters and slowly penning out the entire alphabet I noticed that some combinations looked like the phonemes of real words, meaning they shared the distinct sounds of a word such as how one might interpret "brk" to read as "bark," "break," or possibly "brick" depending on your frame of mind. I had written many three and four letter combinations based on two individual letters and one finally stood out from the group, the letters RQQR.


No, seriously, it's pronounced "Rocker." It had a better ring to it than "Wrecker." Boo "wrecker," boo.
RQQR was born and I instantly knew how to read it: RQQR = Rocker. Pretty rad don't you think? So I had a name, and I had a set of letters to play with, an inadvertent palindrome, and something that was as awesome as I hope RQQR Links will be to you!

You will have to show some hustle if you want a set, they are strictly limited!


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