Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Doing Good - Support for Vulnerable Mothers

So in an effort to get you caught up on all of the positive things that Omega is involved with in the lead-up to the Rio games, allow me to introduce you to:

                                       SOCIAL ACTION #1

Courtesy of Omega
Support for vulnerable mothers

By refurbishing a centre that supports pregnant women and mothers, this project will give invaluable help and care for those in need.

The neighborhood of Costa Barros has one with the highest violence indicators in the region, and one of the lowest HDIs in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, this Social Action is highly important for the women living in these situations of extreme vulnerability.

Viva Rio has a history of developing health and care actions focused on vulnerable women and children. The organisation manages various spaces where pregnant women and mothers can receive support from a multidisciplinary team, composed by psychologists, pedagogues and child tutors.
By helping mothers, we can ensure that each child has the best possible start in life.
Through training and group activities, the women can learn techniques and practices that stimulate the development of their babies – both during pregnancy and in the first years of their child's life.

It is an important factor in improving physical and emotional healthcare for families.

How OMEGA will help

This project will equip a primary health care center with the tools they need for child stimulation and support for vulnerable mothers. Based in the Costa Barros area and supporting the community Chico Mendes (Chapadão), it will improve access to care, with direct effects on their children and families.

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