Saturday, December 19, 2015

Celebrity Brand Ambassadors Can Hurt You...

I realize that this is one of my favorite topics, probably because I used to spend good chunks of my days prospecting, negotiating and in some instances signing agreements for "friends of the brand" or "partners".  And it is particularly ironic that the brand that has in many ways refined the celebrity partner business model down to a seemingly exact science has had such phenomenally bad luck this year.

Yes, once again it is Hublot that I am writing about.  Now there are some cynical (as well as simply pragmatic) people out there who will smile and say and make "if it bleeds it leads" references.  Whether or not that is the case is down to the Hublot brain trust.

So the good (1 or 2), the bad (too many for many other brands' comfort) and the ugly -

1.  Bar Refaeli - recently detained in her native Israel over allegations of tax evasion.  I will defer to the informed folks at Vogue for the info:

2.  Floyd Mayweather - Perhaps we've "beaten-up" on him enough...
sorry, couldn't resist.  Mr. Mayweather has yet to get out from under the clouds of accusation regarding domestic violence.

3.  FIFA - Don't get me started ; )
But with the hearings this week, it may finally come to pass that Blatter and his cronies will finally be evicted from the halls of power.  And at that point it might be time to revisit that CNN interview -

4.  The "Special One", Jose Mourinho - In fairness, I think he is a gifted coach.  By that same token, a wise man knows that it is always best to leave the party while it is still full.  In other words, when things are going badly, never assume that you will be immune to the sack.  Mr. Mourinho was handed his walking papers earlier this week.  As yet no Big Bang "Special Ones" have been spotted on Ebay.  Let's hope he lands on his feet.

5.  The Los Angeles Lakers - in fairness, this might have been simply about timing, or an intern in Nyon not getting the message and failing to update the Hublot website for several days after it was announced that the Lakers were in fact in a newly announced partnership with Tissot.  In the end all was updated, but it did not make for a great impression, particularly as that partnership had only run for about one year.

And the good - probably more than I am giving credit to, but Lang Lang and his support for WildAid is a great ambassador.  Will Hublot make a WildAid watch - you know, "the fusion of charity with branding"?  It remains to be seen.

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