Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Few Minutes with Davide Traxler

With a new COO, the reintroduction of the Bubble, and a more focused approach, Corum is once again on the lips of many of us reporting on watches.  So it seemed appropriate to spend a little time with the man who has his hand on the wheel -

Courtesy of Corum

And now, a few minutes with Davide Traxler.

Tempus Fugit - What was your first watch?  Was it a gift?  Is there a story behind it?

Davide Traxler - My first watch was a Timex and I have always loved watches.  My father gave it to me.  I remember its sound, at night, like a lullaby.

TF - When you were a boy, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?

DT - I had no clear idea but I wanted to travel and to meet people from everywhere.

TF - Where did you go to school?  What did you study?

DT -  I grew up in a family of diplomats so we lived all over the world from South America to Africa, the USA and Europe, always studying in French schools.  I studied political science in the Catholic University of Milan.

TF - How did you get into the watch business in the first place?

DT - I was at Bulgari when I first met the owners of Chopard at a dinner.  We met again, I worked for Chopard for 13 years.

TF - After tenures with Bulgari and Chopard, what drew you to Corum?

DT - It's exciting to join a group with a brand with such amazing timepieces.  Forum is a different brand, I like to thing that it offers special watches for special people.  The mission is to get the word out about the brand and bring together the knowledge within the company.  The time is now to share and this is what I want to bring to Corum.

TF - What are some of the biggest opportunities for Corum?

DT - Corum is a beautiful brand that has its respected place within the industry and the market.  Since the company's beginning, Corum has taken pride in being a distinctive Swiss watch manufacturer by being very creative.  Our models are truly unique in the market with iconic designs and offer exclusivity in terms of quantities and of designs.

TF -  I realize it might be hard, but what is your favorite Corum model?
Courtesy of Corum
DT - The Golden Bridge is so incredibly unique, elegant and rare; it stands alone among all other watches.  i first discovered it about 15 years ago and have loved it since.  Any watch aficionado wants a Corum Golden Bridge!

TF - In a crowded market space, what is it that makes Corum special?
Courtesy of Corum

DT - Corum is a distinctive watchmaking brand.  The Golden Bridge, with its unique linear baguette movement, or the Bubble with its creative design are both so definitely different yet both so iconic.  We can define Corum as a brand of special timepieces for special people who want, understand, and seek something extraordinary and different.

TF - What do you like to do in your free time?

DT - Actually my time in general is spread in two pillars, home and work.  With three children and a brand to enjoy, I really don't look for anything else.  It's a bit of a 19th century vision, work and family, maybe a bit obsolete today, that is who I am.  I keep it simple.

TF - If you weren't doing this, what do you think you'd be doing?

DT - Probably I would be in another branch of fine manufacturing.  I love special products and the special people behind them.

TF - What advice do you have for the aspiring watch executives/brand leaders out there?

DT - I believe the whole trade has much to learn from basics:  listen, listen, respect, respect, decide, and simple business ethics.

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