Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turning Right - Again

With the events in Paris last week, I felt somehow drawn to France.  I was coming to Switzerland on business - you will get the full report shortly, but with my one free day, I really wanted to be here to pay my respects, and to visit another "cradle of horology" - Besançon.

So I put on my tourist "beret" and off I went.  And I made myself a promise.  Instead of making a plan and "sticking to it", when I felt the urge, I would "turn right", and see where it would take me.  And on Monday it took me to some truly wonderful places.  France is clearly still mourning, but judging from the spirit of the young people of Besançon this will be a temporary condition.

I was amazed to find a clock by none other than Alain Silberstein!

I spent the afternoon walking the city streets, speaking with anyone that was interested.  And at the MATY store I got to try on a watch that has been haunting me -

From the folks at LIP.  This piece of AWESOMENESS is now firmly on my "save pennies to purchase" list.  It is THE SHIT THAT KILLED ELVIS!

I enjoyed a lunch the likes of which "Papa Hemingway" would have gone beyond his normal, journalistic prose to describe.

I was still reveling in the memory just before 5:00 PM when I stumbled into UTINAM .  It was a Monday, and yes, they were supposed to be closed.  But they very kindly let me in, and I had a quick peek around.  Yes, they have Dodane and other cool items.  But what caught my eye were the watches that the owner - Philippe Labru had created.  To be fair, the mechanical version had pride of place.  And although it is very, very cool, what I was really drawn to was this little bijoux -

It is a beautifully beguiling single-handed watch.  The design elements are SPOT ON!

And at 139 Euros - I could not say no!

So pals and gals, if you haven't considered it, visit Besançon - you will be better for the experience!

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