Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Transfer Window Opens at Hautlence

And Guillaume Tetu has "left the building".

In a move that can only really be described as a "kick in the dick", the founder of the brand "is leaving the company to take up a new challenge".  What exactly that "new challenge" is remains wonderfully and seemingly intentionally vague.

In the words of Bill Muirhead :

"We wish Guillaume all the best for the new challenge in his professional career, as he will always remain for HAUTLENCE one of its key ambassadors. He has worked tirelessly to create models that have excited watch collectors all around the world. Since MELB Holding took over the company in March 2012, we have worked diligently with Guillaume to first re-structure its activities and then re-position the brand. The next phase of the HAUTLENCE story is an expansion phase that essentially requires brand building and commercial acumen.”

Nothing like a "back-handed" compliment as you walk through the door for the last time.
It has been a pretty bad year, and it looks as if it is only getting worse.  I feel confident that my colleagues in the 4th and 5th estates join me in wishing Mr. Tetu the best of luck in whatever the "new challenge in his professional career" is... let's hope he gets to keep his watch.

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