Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tag Heuer Skis!

And this just in from the Bureau of Irrelevantly Dopey Partnerships -

Winter is here!
Presenting the TAG Heuer Stöckli skis. Made in Switzerland.

Courtesy of Tag Heuer
Yesterday in Malters in the heart of Switzerland in the Stöckli ski production factory, Luc Decroix, TAG Heuer International Sales Director, and Marc Gläser, CEO of Stöckli, are proud to present the TAG Heuer Stöckli Special Ski Edition.

TAG Heuer and Stöckli are both leading names in their fields, both are forward-looking brands focussed on technology and both are world-renowned Swiss companies. 

Now winter is here, we can rediscover the joys of skiing. In Switzerland, we are keeping tradition, expertise and excellence alive. At TAG Heuer, we not only develop our watchmaking expertise and stimulate our potential for innovation and creativity; as an Ambassador for Swiss heritage worldwide, we also champion Swiss values, including our love of the mountains. 

 I truly have NO idea what any of that is supposed to mean, or what it has to do with watches, but when in doubt, co-brand!

A first for the watch brand, TAG Heuer skis are a fine illustration of our passion for Swiss values; these skis are produced using state-of-the-art technology with the greatest respect for tradition thanks to the knowledge and expertise of Swiss ski manufacturer Stöckli. 

Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and Chairman of the Watch Division of LVMH Group stated: "Pioneering, high-tech, precise, high-quality: both our brands have these qualities in common. These two Swiss brands have achieved remarkable success worldwide and are also primarily aimed at young people. TAG Heuer has long acted as Official Timekeeper at the Skiing World Cup and its affiliation with the world of skiing dates back to the 1980s. This is not, therefore, a new strategy, but rather a grateful recognition of this sport which is a pillar of tourism in our country."

Give me strength...

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