Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On the Bubble

Is back!

Courtesy of Corum

And yes, for all of  you blowing raspberries and saying - "you already covered this!"... well let's just say that some things are worth doing twice ; )

This past BaselWorld I was in a slightly different group at the Corum visit - I was the only male, the only one not from a fashion magazine ... like I said, a slightly different group than I normally wind up in ; )

I will say (somewhat sheepishly) that I inadvertently gummed up the pacing of the presentation when I caught sight of the new & improved Corum Bubbles before the nice man from Corum was ready to present them ; )

You get a little bit jaded going to BaselWorld year in and out.  Tourbillon this, perpetual that, case made of "Unobtainium".  We forget that first and foremost, watches are and should be - FUN!  I think that the watch world lost a lot more than just a shrewd marketer, more than just a raconteur when Severin Wunderman passed away.  The watch world lost a bit of that willingness to put all of the chips down and roll the dice.  And honestly, that is what Wunderman did in the very brief time he was given with Corum.  And in doing so took a sleepy, somewhat dormant brand and made it HOT.

So with so many other bubbles bursting at the moment, here's to one that has made a very welcome comeback.  And I personally am hoping for many intriguing Bubbles to come.

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