Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hublot, no Tissot the Official Watch of the Los Angeles Lakers

So word broke this week not unlike an unfortunate bout of flatulence rippling across a crowded conference room -

Tissot is, wait for it, now the official partner of the Los Angeles Lakers!

A brief summary courtesy of Tissot-

"Tissot broadened its commitment as Official Timekeeper of the NBA by announcing partnership deals with five NBA teams: the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and San Antonio Spurs. Tissot marked the occasion by presenting each team with a Tissot Quickster Special Edition featuring the colours and logos of their team."

But wait a minute!
Courtesy of Hublot
Why it was less than a year ago that fashion columnist Adam "I won't return your phone calls or emails" Tschorn reported on the feel-good, love story triumph of the "fusion" of basketball and haute horology -

Courtesy of Hublot

Clearly my invitation was "lost in the mail" so I can only go by the reportage of others ; )

So maybe things have changed?

Well, not according to the Hublot website as of today  -


Boasting 16 NBA titles, the Los Angeles Lakers are among the most successful and storied franchises in the NBA, and one of the most popular teams in the world. In the heart of the city, a Lakers game effortlessly fuses basketball with fashion, celebrity, luxury and excitement. The King Power Los Angeles Lakers is Hublot’s first timepiece with the renowned basketball team.

“The King Power Los Angeles Lakers is an exemplary representation of the team and its proud history of being a first-class organization. It is through innovative partnerships with global companies like Hublot that the Lakers will continue to remain at the vanguard of the sports world.” 
Jeanie Buss

And it is here where we are left with just the benefits of assumptions. Let us assume, for the purposes of discussion, that Hublot's partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers was just for one year and is set to/has recently expired.

Or, perhaps this is one of those "multi-level" partnerships where like Ferrari there are a few different "flavors" of watch partners/licensees.  

Or maybe someone just dropped the (basket)ball.

If nothing else, it underscores the challenges and pitfalls of partnerships.  Not unlike that blossoming romance, there is no guarantee that the object of your affections won't borrow your car while you're out of town, drive it to meet an ex-boyfriend visiting from Italy, take it to a cliff-side view of the ocean, and leave the parking brake off ; )

I have no doubt that everything is on the "up and up" but it begs the question, was it worth it for Hublot?

Myself?  Although I am a BIG fan of the Zen Master, I'm a Clipper's fan.

Enjoy your watches, no matter what team they are the official partner of ; )

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