Thursday, October 1, 2015

Visconti Opera Collection...

 Okay, word of caution - I've got my "snarky-pants" on.
Courtesy of Visconti 

I was jolted out of bed an hour ago with the news that “Opera is one of Visconti's most intensely iconic collections”
Well, I've always thought of myself as sort of "intensely iconic", so I opened the message.  I was greeted by this.  Needless to say, more coffee is needed because this is actually hurting my feelings just looking at it.

Visconti encourages one and all to "Pick your Life Style" - whatever the hell that means.

And I did have my doubts, but they vanished when I read -

The New collections of the best Swiss Caliber Timepieces as well as great matching pens and cufflinks have been developed in our prestigious atelier in Florence. Concept and Style are the key words to better explain what is all Visconti about!

Give me strength...

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