Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Coin 50th Anniversary

From Corum

Courtesy of Corum
The mailbag today was a little light, but not without some new product releases.  Corum has reintroduced their famous (and some might say infamous) coin watch.

Apart from the "watch content" I was a bit bemused by Corum's decision to commemorate such a "luminary" as that noted humanitarian Henry Kissinger.  Corum might have done well to get a "pulse" on  Dr. Kissinger's popularity (or lack thereof) before drafting him in as an honorary "friend of the brand".

But I want to stay positive as the goal of this release, was (in their words) to "jubilate" the fiftieth anniversary of the coin watch.  That's right pals and gals - "jubilate".  Yes, it is a word, albeit one you may never come across again.  So in the spirit of archaic linguists everywhere, beshrew me!  Here's the press release -

Courtesy of Corum
Coin Watch 50th Anniversary Presidential times

“It is an old American tradition for sons to follow in their father’s footstep. And we have a beautiful answer for this great tradition. An heirloom for your great great grandson.” Not only was this the slogan of one of Corum’s very first Coin watches, all the more it marks the reverence and tribute CORUM is until today paying to its broad history. In 2014, the famous Coin watch jubilates its 50th anniversary and sets a new milestone in CORUM’s annals unveiling two exclusive limited editions with original US$ coins minted in 2014.

This year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first coin watch, Corum has chosen 22kt gold and 925 silver American Liberty Coins. They create a limited edition of 100 in each of the two metals, which will be sold as either a set or separately. Going back in time, the first model of CORUM’s Coin collection was created in 1964 with a historic American Coin, the famous 20$ Double Eagle, stamped with the seal of liberty. The latter was launched in 1849 and remained in use until 1933, a perfect symbol of the construction and growth of the American nation. When it was withdrawn from circulation this coin discreetly became a collector’s item.

In the early seventies, CORUM was one of the first watch brands to find the perfect solution preserving these collector’s items in a watch, by making the face of the coin a true dial and protecting it with sapphire crystal. Only perfectly preserved specimens were to be used to create extraordinary timepieces. The process involved in making these particularly original watches has not changed much in half a century. It begins with a delicate horizontal cut along the side of a coin carrying a pleasing hint of historical nostalgia, and ends with setting the time on a wristwatch driven by a resolutely contemporary mechanical movement. These history- loaded timepieces instantly became an icon of CORUM’s collection and were quickly seen on famous wrists, starting with those of the American presidents themselves.
Courtesy of Corum
The coins selected in 2014 embody the American 50$ Gold Eagle and 1$ Silver Eagle minted in 2014. Both these coins were never circulated and grace with their appearance the old 20$ Double Eagle, bearing the famous American bird, emblem of freedom and Lady Liberty, adorned with an olive branch, the symbol of peace. True to CORUM’s tradition, the gold version with a diameter of slim 36mm and the silver version in an ever so bold 43mm case carry a diamond on their crowns.

Beating at the heart of these exceptional timepieces, representing historical roots and modern technical flawlessness, is an automatic CO 082 movement that is bound to delight devotees of subtle mechanics. It oscillates at the frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, drives hour and minute hands and has a 42-hour power reserve. The oscillating weight engraved with the Corum coat-of-arms is beating invisibly under the back cover of the watch, representing the rear side of the coin depicting the minting year 2014. Both models are water- resistant to 30 meters for the gold version, and to 10 meters for the silver one.

These two new creations continue the patrimony of CORUM’s history and evoke exquisite nostalgia in collectors of rare pieces, enabling them to admire in one sweeping gaze both the steady flow of time and the beauty of a history loaded and deep rooted timepiece. 

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