Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Disruptive! Well, Sort of...

I am going to simply let this CNN interview speak for itself, the link takes you directly to the CNN website, so you will need to come back to finish ; )

I have to be honest, and maybe it's just me, but I've lost faith.

Associating a brand with people like Floyd Mayweather, Sepp Blatter, Bernie Ecclestone, and Michel Platini is not what traditional marketing folks would cite as "wise".  Now the counter argument could be made that a brand is being "edgy" or "disruptive".  Hmm....

The Big Bang was disruptive.  Carbon Fiber?  Disruptive.  An all black chronograph?  Disruptive.  And all in positive ways!  And Hublot makes some wonderful watches.  But if I am being honest with myself and with all of you - when a brand attaches SO MUCH importance to the partners that they have, and (seemingly) go out of their way to court not just controversy but some truly "bad actors", and then glibly refer to it as being "disruptive" it is clear that there is a disconnect.

Now maybe the disconnect is mine, maybe I am the only one who feels that a pretty clear line has been crossed from "edgy" to something truly distasteful.  But it is something I am no longer willing to entertain.

And understand, I do not live in a fantasy world where I think anyone at Hublot is the least little bit concerned with what I think.  If you read this blog, it is because you are looking for something different.  And as I am not dependent upon advertising dollars (or francs), I am free to call it like I see it.

Hublot has done some very good things, but it seems to be a case of extremes from truly icky - Floyd Mayweather, to truly nice - WWF.

And if I am truly bearing my soul - Michel Platini was my hero.  But his behavior when "gifted" with a very expensive Parmigiani watch and his subsequent refusal to return it and then being fully ready to throw others under the bus was beyond the pale.  Yes, even crusty 47 year olds in Santa Barbara have heroes, and France's #10 was mine.  But ultimately, heroes are only human, and human nature is not always what we would hope for in our heroes.  Avarice was not chosen at random as one of the seven deadly sins.

So until there is a "sea change" in Nyon, I encourage you to follow and support Hublot if that is in your wheelhouse, you will just need to look for that news somewhere else.

Peace -

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