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A New Winter Nights

From GoS 

Courtesy of GoS
As I am the North American agent for GoS, I have to make some effort to be objective so I will give you the press release just as they sent it -

GoS announce a new Winter Nights

Winter Nights was introduced in 2013 as the first GoS model with a manufacture movement, which was the result of a collaboration with German master watchmaker Martin Braun. We are excited to introduce a new Winter Nights with our GoS02 movement that is manufactured by Technotime and customized in the GoS workshop. The base caliber is the Technotime TT718, which beats at 4Hz (28,800) and has a double barrel to provide a long power reserve of 120 hours, or five days. The new Winter Nights is available in both a stainless steel version and a bicolor gold version with a case that combines parts in solid 18K gold with stainless damascus steel.

Winter Nights, "Vintern├Ątter" in Swedish, is the name of an ancient festival that was first celebrated in pre- Christian Scandinavia. The festival marked the end of summer, the start of the winter, and the beginning of a new year. It was a harvest feast and also a time for honoring the ancestral spirits, the spirits of the land, and the powers of fruitfulness, wisdom, and death. The exact dates varied with the regional weather but it usually occurred during the month of October. This heathen tradition was later transformed into what is now called the "All Hallows' Eve" and "All Saints' Day". 

Winter Nights Gold- A marriage of Damascus steel and gold
The GoS watch case is designed to provide reflections between the two different materials. The reflections of red gold onto the polished damascus steel is striking and we believe that the Swedish "red gold" (3N) is a perfect companion to the natural contrasts of the hand forged damascus steel. The dial is manufactured from two different Swedish tool steels that are forged together and folded to reach a total of 192 layers before Johan Gustafsson applies his trademark techniques to create the wildflower pattern. Given the nature of damascus steel, every GoS watch is a unique piece and is numbered in production sequence.

Courtesy of GoS
GoS draws inspiration from Nordic nature and traditions and the Winter Nights is no exception - it is connected to both sources of inspiration. During the cold and clear winter nights the chances of seeing the spectacular northern lights are the highest. The swirling patterns of the Winter Nights dial is reminiscent of the rapidly changing shapes of the northern lights. 

Courtesy of GoS

Production specification - Winter Nights

Courtesy of GoS

Watch series - Winter Nights
  • ●  Case: 43.5mmx10.5mm (5ATM)
    • ○  Steel version: Stainless steel and stainless damascus steel
    • ○  Gold: 18K red gold and stainless damascus steel
  • ●  Lug width: 22mm
  • ●  Glass: Flat sapphire glass with double sided AR coating, extra hard on outside
  • ●  Movement: GoS02 caliber based on Technotime TT718 and manufactured to COSC specifications. The
    movement has a center second hand and ticks at 4Hz (28,800) with a 120 hour power reserve. The movements are available in several options:
    • ○  Classic finishing with deep polished beveled edges and satinized top.
    • ○  Damascus steel finishing with bridges in hand forged wood grain damascus steel.
    • ○  Hand engravings by Swedish master engraver Stanley Stoltz.
  • ●  Dial: 192 layered steel Damascus steel with a wildflower pattern. Tempered coloring of dial available as an
  • ●  Index ring/rehaut: Solid 18K red gold, shaped and polished by hand, GoS triskele symbol in 18K red gold
    fitted on dial
  • ●  Hands: Solid 18K red gold shaped and polished by hand
  • ●  Crown: 8.5mm in fine grained stainless damascus stainless steel, file worked edge, double gasket crown inset
  • ●  Case finishing: Stainless damascus steel, high gloss polished with GoS logo engraved on case side
  • ●  Strap: Handcrafted Moose leather fitted with stainless steel GoS buckle or 18K buckle for the gold version.
  • ●  Every watch engraved with its production number
  • ●  Five year guarantee
    Presentation Box
  • ●  Individually crafted box in svepask technique of birch wood
  • ●  Colored with natural pigments mixed in linseed oil
  • ●  Covered with high grade natural wax and polished to a deep finish
    First deliveries during Autumn 2015 

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