Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The UR-106 "Lotus"


Courtesy of URWERK

A first for URWERK, a decidedly feminine watch, the UR-106 "Lotus"!

Available in two different versions - 

Courtesy of URWERK

The first is of titanium and steel with diamonds gracing the bezel, the crown and the buckle.

Courtesy of URWERK
The second option is also of titanium and steel but treated with black pvd, and featuring black diamonds.  The two pieces strike the perfect balance - day and night, darkness and light.

The movement for both versions is URWERK's Self-winding UR 6.01 boasting 48 hours of power reserve to power the "satellite" hours, minutes and phases of the moon.  The dial is satin-finished plate in ARCAP revealing the hours which are displayed in URWERK's satellite configuration.  The minutes are indicated by a serrated minutes scale.

The moon phase is of lapis lazuli.  The hours and minute markers have been hand-painted in SuperLuminova. 

The case measures 35 mm in diameter, and 49.4 mm in length with a height of 14.45 mm

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