Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Fusion of Carlo Crocco and Jean-Claude Biver

I am a bit lucky.  I have always thought so.  I am lucky in that I have had the opportunity to get "career advice" from a personal hero of mine, Carlo Crocco, and had the opportunity to receive "real world" feedback from Jean-Claude Biver.

Courtesy of Hublot
For most of the "current" watch fans out there, there is a understanding of Biver's role in Hublot.  And that is fair, and absolutely understandable.  Jean-Claude Biver took a good idea and made it great.

But there was a man even before him who had the idea of matching rubber and gold.  The original fusion - and without that, everything that Biver achieved would have been more difficult to, well, achieve.

I often get the question, if you could have ANY one of a certain brands watches, which would it be?  For quite some time I thought it would be the Titanium Big Bang.  But the more I think of it, I feel that the watch pictured above would be the one I would choose.    This is the Hublot Titanium King Gold Classic Fusion.

It is (at least in my mind) a fusion of Crocco and Biver.

At any rate - enjoy your watches!

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