Monday, August 10, 2015

The Power of a Good Deed - Tag Heuer

So the auction has ended, and Cara Delevingne's Tag Heuer prototype has fetched 9,300 Pounds Sterling.  To give those of us who don't reside in the UK some perspective on that number, it is:

$14,450 in US dollars
13,165 Euros
14,262 Swiss Francs

Now keep in mind that number represents only HALF of what this auction has achieved.  Remember the folks at Tag Heuer?  They are MATCHING the total amount raised - so now, in fact, we are looking at a number just south of $30,000 US!!!

I am, as anybody who reads this blog will know, NOT a fan of PR/Marketing funds flushed down the toilet purely in the name of publicity.  Yachts, red carpets, etc.  I just don't see the point.

That is why I can't STOP SAYING GOOD THINGS about this particular partnership's outcome!

There are all kinds of watch writers out there, and I suppose that I have some small pocket of readership.  I have been told that I have the "intestinal fortitude" to call them like I see them.  The people telling me this use a much more colorful term for "intestinal fortitude" that begins with the letter 'b'.  I have no problem pointing out what I think is wrong with the world I work in.  But by the same token, I see something AMAZING when I see it.  And this is one of those things.

Think I'm over-blowing this?  When is the last time that the BBC, The Guardian, and an uncountable number of fashion blogs were following and talking about a watch brand and its ambassador to the extent that it has happened these past few days?  America's Cup?  A polo match?  Nope!

So I sincerely congratulate Tag Heuer who have definitively proven that doing good is good not just for the cause - it's even good for business - and that should be applauded!

Let's hope the other big brands out there know a good idea when they see it ; )

Enjoy your watches, and do something for someone else - you never know where it could lead!

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