Monday, August 3, 2015

The Lepsi Watch Analyzer

Ever wonder how accurate your watch really is?  Which position is it's ideal?
Just how fast or slow is it?

It would seem that the good folks at Orbita reached into your brain and pulled out a very useful item!

Here's the scoop, straight from ObritaThe Lepsi Watch Analyzer tests your timepiece by mounting your watch on an acoustic holder.

The holder permits the watch to be measured in six positions, which is the Swiss COSC Standard. The results are displayed graphically on any Apple or Android Tablet or Smartphone. To view the results, plug the supplied cable into both the tablet and the watch holder to begin the test cycle. Results are captured in 30 seconds and displayed on your tablet.  
The Software allows the user to photograph each watch tested, label each test and store all test results within the application.
Courtesy of Orbita

I think that this is going to make for some very, very interesting pre-owned watch for sale ads!  If I think about the various things that can make a watch collector a bit "persnickety", having doubt or concern as to the run rate of his/her watch is right up there!  I have to say that if this thing works as advertised, Orbita might make a whole lot more money off of this than their winders ; )

I would LOVE to test and review one of these, it would be fascinating to see it put to the test for reviews, etc.

Let's hope it is a winner!

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  1. Nice design, nice gimmick. But really expensive, for half the price one can get a Chinese version of a Witchy Watch expert. If you wat a really good one take a Witchi Watch Expert III or a Chronoscope. For people who are really interested in how a escapement ant regulating devise preforms those are better machines. A grapical view is essential to get more insight, a number like +5 sec/day tells not a lot. Measurements of a watch by a normal watchmaker or at home will never meet the standards of the COSC because of the different temperatures the measurements are taken with. For different calibers and brands there are different standards to witch it should preform, for a good measurement you should be aware of them.
    I think cause off the nice design it will sell, but only for people who don't know better.