Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Running with the Bulls and Stuckx!

For once Kickstarter is serving up some interesting design ideas and clever offerings.
Courtesy of Stuckx
These are the Bulls!  Available in bi-compax and tri-compax configurations.  Stuckx is a new, proudly micro-brand based in the Netherlands.  The blue bi-compax model pictured above is my personal favorite.

It's case measures 42 mm in diameter and is of stainless steel.  The name Bull comes from the "bull-head" style configuration of the case with the chronograph pushers positioned at the top of the case.

Stuckx made some interesting choices beyond just the visually obvious.  There are so called "Mecha-Quartz" pieces for the lower priced models, but what has caught my eye are the self-winding bi-compax versions like the Blue Bull pictured above.  And for the movement on these, Stuckx went for something completely different - Seiko's NE88 automatic.  Column wheel, sexy as hell for a small cash outlay.

Most of the "perks" available via Kickstarter "early birds" are done and gone, but you can still secure one of these beauties for a few more days until the Kickstarter runs its course.  

And it seems that the people have spoken - the funding goal was $55,013.  That figure is safely in the rear view mirror!  The new Bulls have raised $102,905!!!

So if you've been looking for something cool and fresh with just that little bit of AWESOME - 
RUN, don't walk, RUN to your computer, log in, and join the Kickstarter drive.

You can participate here:


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