Friday, August 28, 2015

Pretty Boats and Marketing Money

At a time where jobs are being squeezed, and we haven't quite reached the bottom, it seems like probably NOT the best idea to write whopping large checks to put your company's name on a sailing boat.  But hey, that is why (I suppose) that I am not running a major brand, merely writing about
them ; )

At any rate, UN thinks this is important - so "RELEASE THE KRAKEN"!

This is a new piece UN has put out to celebrate their collaboration with Artemis Racing.  Yes, that is the sound of marketing money swirling down the toilet bowl.  But hey, that limited edition Marine Diver sure looks good!
Courtesy of Ulysse Nardin

Yes, don't worry about a slowing economy, slumping sales (and I believe, but correct me if I am wrong), a fairly substantial workforce cut pretty recently), you've got your name on a sail boat!  I am sure those made redundant will feel much better about things ; )

Courtesy of Ulysse Nardin

I am also sure that warm & fuzzy feelings will be accepted by Swiss landlords instead of the more typical "coin of the realm".

Here's the thing, Ulysse Nardin is a business, not a charity, and I am in no position to say that I know better.  I don't work there, I don't know the absolute the specifics of their business.

BUT - what I can talk about is public opinion.  And when you are telling the loyalists in your organization that there's going to be some "pain", it might be more tolerable if the pain is actually shared, rather than vanity projects taking a front seat while staff are left to move on.

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