Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hublot and UEFA

The good news - Hublot has been named the official licensed watch partner for the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

Courtesy of Hublot

In and of itself, this is kinda' cool.  We all love the Champions League.  It does not lend itself to the same sort of skulduggery that FIFA and UEFA itself seem to be mired in right now.

But as they say, it is all about timing -

Yesterday news broke that a "poison envelope" was sent from "someone, somewhere" within FIFA essentially stating that UEFA Boss Michel Platini might be coming in for some "closer scrutiny" by the authorities.  To wit - and I am paraphrasing here - Mr. Platini is just as corrupt as Blatter and everyone who was indicted.


And here's where it gets murky, frustrating and downright disappointing.  If we are being honest here, I don't think that there is any doubt that finding an "honest broker" within FIFA, UEFA, CONCACAF and any of the other regional governing bodies of world football is about as likely as finding a "vegan" fox taking up residency in a hen-house.

But I also think that by aligning with the more obviously commercial aspects of UEFA - the Champions League, Hublot has managed to back something that is not quite as jaded and potentially tainted as the Wold Cup.

But, as they say, talk is cheap.  John Oliver put his mouth where his money was in his effort to get FIFA to clean house -

Let us hope that Blatter, Platini and all of the other "Bad Santas" out there leave FIFA with all of the other rats fleeing that particular sinking ship, and we all get our game back.  The beautiful game has been ravaged by "Blatter Cancer" and we need to surgically remove it.

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