Saturday, August 15, 2015

Do You Remember...


Courtesy of lip
Up until the 70s and then with a brief, but labored attempt at relaunch in the early 2000s, Lip has bounced a bit back and forth.  Perhaps not a watch brand with monumental horological breakthroughs and mass global following, but you'd be hard-pressed to meet a French citizen of a certain age who was not familiar with lip.  

Some have called it the "Seiko of France" which I think is a bit unfair and quite short-sighted.  
Lip was, in many ways a true brand with a true identity.  Maybe not the most glamorous, but trusted and interwoven in the French psyche.

This particular piece is the Nautic-Ski.  A watch that was revolutionary at its time owing to its water resistance, and electronic movement.  I believe these first hit in 1967, and were worn by such luminaries as the crew of the Calypso.

The original was smaller, and equipped with an electronic movement - something that at the time was the cutting edge of technology.  Today's Lip Nautic-Ski is available in either a quartz or self-winding mechanical.  

In so far as the details for the self-winding, they are as follows:

38 mm in diameter, stainless steel
Water resistant to 200 meters
Movement - automatic Miyota 8215

It ships with a leather and "Tropic" strap.

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