Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The UTTE Guilloché

From Arnold & Son

Courtesy of Arnold & Son

These two new guilloché dialed pieces represent the two latest references for Arnold & Son and boast  their ultra thin tourbillon.  These two new versions of the UTTE sport dials of hand guillochéd
solid 18-carat gold.

Courtesy of Arnold & Son
The A&S8200's movement spans a mere 2.97 mm thick, with the watch itself measuring 8.34 thick.
Courtesy of Arnold & Son
The UTTE Guilloché I is a hand-winding, one-minute flying tourbillon.  The dial is opaline of solid gold, guillochéd by hand.  The case is 18-carat red gold and measures 42 mm.

Courtesy of Arnold & Son
Like the UTTE Guilloché I, the UTTE Guilloché II is also a hand-wound, ultra-thin, flying tourbillon.      The dial is hand-guilloché, and is of solid 18-carat gold with a silvery, opaline finish.  The case is 42 mm and is of red gold.

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