Sunday, July 5, 2015

Something Passionate from Eberhard

Eberhard can, every now and again, throw you a very pleasant surprise.  And in the case of their Traversetolo Chronograph in red, that is certainly the case!

Courtesy of Eberhard

It is all too easy sometimes to consider Eberhard as staid and traditional.  Yes, they are rooted (rightly so) in traditional watch making.  Their designs are timeless and classic, this is also true.  But every now and then they throw you something particularly fun and different - like this wonderful interpretation of a classic.

I realize that red is not everybody's thing, but I have to say that I LOVE this watch!  Classic lines, clear, legible - everything easy to see and to use... and with a passionate red punch that hits me right where a watch needs to - my emotions.    Ultimately, there are hundreds (and seemingly thousands) of black or white chronographs.  And they are quite nice and I am sure work quite well.  But for me, this is it! 

Well done Eberhard!

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