Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Day to Reflect

This morning I'm going to take a break from watches, accessories, etc.

The world is missing Cecil, and I am deeply ashamed that the callous man who killed, decapitated and skinned him is American - #WalterPalmer you are a mediocre man.

And to make this ONE MILLION PERCENT CLEAR - I am not anti-gun, I am not even anti-hunting (when it is done ethically and for rational reasons).

I AM anti-asshole.

While it is easy to knee-jerk and wish "an eye for an eye" - frankly that will not solve anything.  I would simply stress the need for the rule of law to be applied.  #WalterPalmer should be extradited if/when the request comes to stand trial for poaching if/when the charges are formally submitted.

Nothing will bring Cecil back, but hopefully something good can come out of this mess.

Be well everyone

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