Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Minotaur

From Rönkkö Watches
Courtesy of Rönkkö Watches

With Vappu behind us, and Finland springing back to life it is fitting that Antti Rönkkö is revealing his latest creation - the Minotaur.

A watch that speaks to the duality of man (darkness and light), the Minotaur continues Antti Rönkkö's study of Greco-Roman mythology that began with his first piece, the Labyrinth.

Measuring 42 mm and crafted of what is described as IP black coated 316L stainless steel.  The movement is based on a Soprod A10.  This is a self-winding movement that that been customized and boasts 42 hours of power reserve. It features 2 additional features:  
1.  An in-house "Dual Moon Complication" indicating the full moon and the "black moon".

Courtesy of Rönkkö Watches

2.  A Black DLC coated Minotaur talisman in free-rotation at the middle of the labyrinthine rotor.

Checking the moon phase can be quite simple once you get used to reading it. 
The curved opening under the 12 o´clock marker will always indicate the current moon phase  (full or black). 

In the opening displaying the current moon phase, the Minotaur's head is always the right way around. 

Depending on whether the talisman is dark or light under the 12 o´clock marker tells the wearer if the moon phase is moving towards a full or black moon.
In the image above, the moon is full, as you can see the indication is light under the Minotaur's talisman at 12 o'clock. 

The dial of the Minotaur displays both Minotaur "talismans" at all times, but the moon phase is always displayed in the upper window just below the 12 o'clock position.  

Extremely limited - 5 pieces.  Now THAT is a limited edition!

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