Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sometimes I Feel Like a Feather in the Air...

Sorry, couldn't resist ; )

In the mail-bag this morning were two press announcements from Corum.

STOP THE PRESS - Corum is the OFFICIAL Timekeeper of the Bosphorus Cup!!!

Yeah, I didn't care about that either...

But the other item piqued my interest so from Corum, to me, and on to you dear readers -

Corum's Feather Watch

The subtitle reads:  Where hours take fly
(my hunch is that they meant Where hours take flight).

This is a pretty nice interpretation of the "feather dial" theme, so well done Corum.

Courtesy of Corum

Now as a rule, I am not a big fan of using animal parts for watches, but feathers as a rule are "discarded" by the still living owner and as far as anyone is saying there is not a secret animal breeding facility in Corum's back room, nor are there reports of hit men specializing in "avian assassination".

The watch comes in either stainless steel or red gold.  The dials are either from a Blue Jay (a bird, not a baseball player), or a Peacock.

Courtesy of Corum

The watch measures 39 mm in diameter and features a diamond bezel.

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