Monday, June 1, 2015


Updated note - this will most likely be my last piece about Hublot for the foreseeable future.  I find myself perplexed and bewildered by the choices that they make in terms of PR - and frankly I would be the first to say that at the moment with decisions to partner with Floyd Mayweather, FIFA (at least in the recent past) and some others they make an easy (and possibly unfair) target for satire.  The purpose of good satire is to call attention to something that maybe is not right, could be done better, should be changed.  When you realize that all the requests, satirical jibes, heart felt conversations go nowhere - it is time to move on.  

So Hublot, I don't get or understand you, but in fairness that's not exactly your raison d'etre ; )  and I am but one person out there, so best of luck with whatever your media plan is.  I just don't get it, but maybe that's just me.

From Up in the Air
Ryan Bingham: You know why kids love athletes? 
Bob: Because they (expletive) lingerie models. 
Ryan Bingham: No, that's why we love athletes. Kids love them because they follow their dreams.

This just in from the "You just couldn't make this stuff up" file.  Hublot has teamed up with... sportsman, husband of underwear model and well-known fan of "fair play" - Tom Brady!
Courtesy of Hublot
Now on the surface, I can say that I am a "teensy" bit conflicted because the press release from Nyon today was to herald their participation in a charity event.  And I am a big fan of charitable activities.  But as a fan of watches and someone who writes about them, I do not (at least of late) have anything too positive to write about Hublot and their PR choices.

So what's the big deal?


Only those mad genius PR folks at Hublot could create a two-ring media circus that would feature:

1.  Tom Brady - lately of "deflate gate" with an important message to you youngsters out there - cheating is a-okay so long as you don't get caught.  He still has a Super Bowl ring coming his way - but if there is ANY justice out there it will come with a big old asterisk next to it in the record books.

But wait, there's more!

Speaking of cheating being okay until you get caught...
Courtesy of Hublot

2.  That other fan of fair play - George Hincapie!!!  Yes, now that his competitive cycling days are behind him, "Mr. Clean" has turned his attention to philanthropy and was on hand to unveil the "innovative Hublot Best Buddies Cycling timepiece" - apparently designed for cyclists.  I can only presume that apart from being light weight, it also provides Mr. Hincapie a 6-month countdown feature.  I guess Lance Armstrong was not available.

Here's the thing - I KNOW that the Best Buddies Challenge is a positive thing - and full disclosure I intend to participate in the San Simeon/Hearst Castle event in September and invite anyone from Hublot to come ride with me - so long as they promise not to shove a bike pump into my spokes ; )  The only performance enhancing substances I will be able to offer will be espresso, prosciutto sandwiches and possibly a glass or two of red wine, so I will not count on Mr. Hincapie.

But the invitation is out there.

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