Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Beautiful Game...

For the five of you out there who have not already read/heard the news, this morning Swiss police swept in and rounded up a few of FIFA's bag men.  As is often the case, the Kingpin and those closest to him seem to have somehow avoided the long arm of the law.  But if you've seen enough movies depicting organized crime it is seldom the top dog who takes the fall.

I've asked the question before, but perhaps it's time to ask it again - if you are a brand owner/manager, is this REALLY an organization you want to be associated with?  Hublot, now would be the ideal time to shake hands and part company with FIFA.

Pay to play is by no means a new concept - the Dassler brothers were known to pass brown bags to gain access to soccer federations, Olympic athletes and international decision makers.  Adidas and Puma were built on more than just sexy shoes.  This still seems to be the case only it has become a case of "everybody does it".

Remember the "scandal" involving another famous Swiss brand's watches being "gifted" by the Brazilian football federation to some 30 + FIFA officials.  I say scandal because it was such a blatant violation by the Brazilian federation and the Fifa cronies who received the watches that it defies belief to claim ignorance.  But that is just what FIFA tried to do.

It seems that at least a few chickens have come home to roost.  We shall see what comes of this.  But Hublot, you are judged by the company you keep -

1.  A man who when he's not beating the hell out of another boxer beats the hell out of the mother of his children.

2.  A "sporting" organization that is so corrupt it makes Syria look like a UN model government by comparison.

Don't wait for number 3.

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  1. Number 3 may have happened before the previous two:

    Hublot have made at least 2 limited edition watches for Diego Maradonna, a long time cocaine addict who cheated on the field in the most prestigious form of football - the world cup, having handled the ball into the goal to win basically throwing it into the net.

    In 1994, the 'Hand of God' found an air rifle and fired it at reporters near his Buenos Aires estate and was given a two-year, 10 month suspended sentence.

    In 2009, it was discovered Maradona still owed the Italian government €37 million in back taxes he accrued while playing for Napoli,

    If the Devil wore a watch it would undoubtedly be a Hublot and Hublot would do everything they could to sponsor him.