Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rumors of Hanhart's Demise...

May or may not be greatly exaggerated.  Like a vampire, zombie, or Sarah Palin they seem to give you the impression that they are dead, only to rise again in the dark of night, moaning and seeking unsuspecting prey...
Courtesy of Hanhart

May I introduce the PRIMUS Survivor Pilot - Touted by the good folks at Hanhart as a "Limited Edition for Performers" - so needless to say you'll be seeing this watch on Liza Minelli, Barbara Streisand and other notable "performers".

I kid (a little), but Hanhart is starting to become the watch world equivalent of the Boy who Cried Wolf.  For you North American fans, good news!  The new US distribution is being handled out of a medical office suite in Denver, Colorado!  So the good news is you can go skiing, break a leg, get it set, and view the collection all in one afternoon ;  )

Okay, but back to the watch - for all appearances it is eerily reminiscent of the infamous Desert Pilot Chronograph.  This watch was famous in that it was promoted like crazy, desperately desired by collectors and "mere mortals" alike, and (to the best of anyone's knowledge) was either never delivered or delivered on such a remarkably small scale that very few people can recall seeing it in person.  It became sort of the Keyser Söze of the watch world.

So it would seem that it's Prom Night once again, and we've been asked out, and we're all gussied up, sitting in the living room with mom and dad and the Polaroid camera hoping against all hope that Hanhart will show up for once, on time, with a corsage and a steak dinner at Sizzler!  But more likely than not, our fears are that they will ditch us at the last minute for some out of town girl (also known as the grey market) and we'll be stuck "wearing the Prom Dress".  And this is an $8,000 Prom Dress that can't be returned or exchanged.  For those of you not familiar with the expression "Wearing the Prom Dress" let's just say that it is not "an ideal state".

And proof positive that proofreading and editing are "superfluous luxuries" in the world of "manly timekeepers", I'd like to leave this in Hanhart's own salient words:

The watch’s outdoor characteristics are clearly in the forefront and speak to those individualists, which make conscious decisions when purchasing a unique timepiece.

Now truth be told, I like to think of myself as an "individualist" one who "makes conscious decisions when purchasing a unique timepiece".  I am not sure if the "outdoor characteristics" truly apply to me, but there you go.

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