Monday, May 4, 2015


Okay, some may notice that I have removed the two most recent Hublot posts regarding Mr. Mayweather.  And before my favorite "Anonymous" commenter gets too full of him/herself, no this was not in response to your brave (but yet again anonymous) comment this AM of:

"Is it possible for you to write anything good at all?" 

It did make me smile though so thank you for the laugh this morning and your "courageous"
feedback - if and when you have the gumption to sign something (providing it's not full of blue language) I might even put it up ; )

Point of clarification - I stand behind what I wrote.  Having said that, I also realized that to a certain extent that it was three less than flattering items about Hublot in a three day span.  That's just how the news cycle ran I'm afraid, but I also felt it could seem more than a bit mean spirited.  So I took them down.

But back to the title - fairness.  Do I think that Hublot made a mistake?  Yes.  Do I live in a fantasy world where I think my one lone voice will change that mind-set?  No.  Ultimately brands are businesses and they are in business not out of charity, but to make money.  And so long as enough people keep buying what they're selling - and I'm not just talking about watches, but partnerships, ideals, marketing plans,  etc. then they will keep on doing what they're doing.

Do I think that the whole Mayweather move could be turned around for a more positive pr outcome?  Of course - but this is the fundamental hurdle that most brands trip over - the fear and terror of reversing course.  The fear of change.  I have been told that in the language and literature of addiction it is generally held that a person or organization will only change when they are in so much pain that they see no other alternative.  So as long as we in the Fourth and Fifth Estate keep wagging our tails and lapping up what's shoveled in with our kibble, the brands will keep rolling along the same path.

Give a thirsty man a glass of dirty water, and if there's no other alternative he'll drink it.  All that I'm asking for is an alternative to that dirty water.

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