Monday, May 25, 2015

An Attitude of Avarice

There has to be more to it, but sadly there is not.

Take the glossy, exciting press releases and deposit them in the trash bin where the belong -

Longines has an attitude of elegance as it pertains to horse racing - so let's have a peek at the other side.

Allow me to share a few statistics with you:

A LOT of horses die EVERY YEAR.  In fact, an average that might make you reconsider whether or not this was an "Attitude of Elegance" or an "Attitude of Avarice".  Regular readers of this blog should not need an explanation of Avarice.  Those who do - Google.

It might interest you to know that 1273 horses died in 2997 days of horse racing.  Now as a matter of full disclosure I barely scraped through my graduate statistics course at the University of Surrey back in the late 90s, but frankly this is a pretty shitty average.  So while the other bloggers, journalists and sycophants out there will say thank you for the free first-class travel to Louisville, the mint juleps and comped accommodations at the Brown Hotel - I have a stiff middle finger resolutely displayed in your direction.  YOU SUCK.

Horses have no choice, and therefore I don't think that they offer the same "Attitude of Elegance" that say, maybe, a BUM FIGHT might offer!  C'mon - get a few alcoholic veterans of foreign wars to agree to "Van Gogh" each other for a 40-dog (i.e. a 40 once bottle of malt liquor) to the winner!  You can FILM IT in a gritty back alley!  Not so elegant, I realize, but a bit more honest.

Longines - you SUCK.  Do better - be better.  This is not elegant by any measure.

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