Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Time for Renewal is Here

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In one of the briefer tenures experienced lately, Wolfgang Sickenberg will be moving on from Christophe Claret.

Not long on "warm and fuzzy" here is the scoop straight from the source -

Dear partners,
Mr. Christophe Claret announces that Mr. Wolfgang Sickenberg, CEO of the Christophe Claret brand, will leave the company late April 2015 to explore new managerial responsibilities within the watch industry.
Mr. Wolfgang Sickenberg has contributed to the development of the Christophe Claret brand over the last 18 months, during which time he has worked with professionalism and commitment to the development of the brand, improving global distribution, and reorganizing the company's internal structure.
On behalf of all the Christophe Claret team, Mr. Christophe Claret would like to thank Mr. Wolfgang Sickenberg for his contribution to the brand and wishes him all the best in his professional career.
Mr. Christophe Claret will take over as CEO, with Mr. Nicolas Gigaud managing commercial operations.
Christophe Claret SA

Now it is entirely possible that this was always going to be a "temp" gig and that Mr. Sickenberg was called upon to reorganize things and move on.  And it also might be that he has been lured somewhere else even more "notable" - so we shall wait and we shall see.

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