Wednesday, April 8, 2015

MeisterSinger and the Red Dot

So point of clarification - I might have been the first person to purchase (from an authorized dealer) a MeisterSinger watch in the US back in 2003.

I have loved MeisterSinger and continue to do so even though their US distribution is singularly unconcerned with advancing their brand as they are busy expanding what they view to be their "important" brand.

And fair enough.

But I would rather light a candle than mock MeisterSinger's darkness -

They are the winner of an award usually reserved for their neighbors in Glashutte - The Red Dot award.  And here are the details -

Courtesy of MeisterSinger

The MeisterSinger caliber MSH01 has been honored with a Red Dot award.

Courtesy of MeisterSinger
 So here's the scoop, straight from the source -
Courtesy of MeisterSinger
Inner beauty: MeisterSinger caliber MSH01 wins Red Dot Award

The MSH01 is the manually wound Swiss movement that drives the Circularis wristwatch from MeisterSinger. It combines generous reserves of power with outstanding precision – proclaiming the aesthetic ideals synonymous with this watchmaker. In recognition of the well-balanced design of the MSH01, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has now presented MeisterSinger with the coveted Red Dot Award, which its Perigraph and Pangaea Day Date models also won in previous years.
As most watch movements only satisfy technical requirements and not those of expressive design, the appreciation of the MSH01 by a prestigious international jury underscores its thoroughly exceptional character.

The MSH01 is the first movement to be technically custom-designed for a MeisterSinger watch. It combines an abundance of power with exceptional accuracy and is therefore the ideal mechanism to drive the single-hand watches that have made this company so renowned. Since a single, long hour hand needs to run with particular precision, a dial train with spring wheel was integrated in the movement, reducing backlash to practically zero. The twin in-series mainspring barrels provide the MSH01 with a plentiful 120-hour power reserve and deliver their energy to the wheel train far more smoothly and evenly than a single barrel system.

These two mainspring barrels give the Circularis its distinctive, fascinating character. The entire movement is clearly visible through the exhibition back – featuring the uniquely formed bridge with its fine circular grained finish, superbly created by Manfred Brassler, the founder and designer of MeisterSinger. The MSH01 is an uncompromising synthesis of functionality and aesthetics, which has now been honored with the coveted Red Dot Award.

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