Friday, April 3, 2015

Dodane Take 2(3)

So we had a peek at the Dodane Type 21s, so now it's time to take the next step - the Type 23.
Courtesy of Dodane
 A bi-compax chronograph this time.  Available in a few different "flavors" in terms finish, color, etc.
Courtesy of Dodane
And frankly, I don't want to "cheapen" this romantic stroll with fact and figures, so I'll let these aeronautical beauties do the talking.
Courtesy of Dodane
 So while Omega makes a quite nice chronograph, and the folks at Breitling (while not warm and fuzzy) are steeped in aviation history (along with other less favorable things).
Courtesy of Dodane

So let's revel in the gifts that the little guys - in this case the Dodane family - have to offer us.


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