Monday, April 13, 2015

And some Feedback from a Reader

As we believe in fair and equal time, this comment came in this morning.  The grammar's a bit hinky and it reads as if it came from Tag Heur (or someone working there) but anyway, in the interest of an
exchange of ideas, here it is -

TH doesn't not sign Mr. Lin due to Linsanity but for the toughness Mr. Lin displays when dealing with some many basketball irrelevant stuffs that other big names don't have. "Don't crack under pressure" is the message TH tries to deliver but not "basketball superstar".

I'm not exactly sure what "many basketball irrelevant stuffs" means exactly, but if we're talking about not "cracking under pressure" then I'm afraid the PR team at Tag Heuer are about a few years late.  As I said in my earlier post, the time when Mr. Lin was NOT cracking under pressure was when he was with the Knicks, and for a heartbeat with the Rockets.  On an extremely inept Los Angeles Lakers team he is average.  I am sorry if that seems mean, but put in another context - he is NOT the basketball equivalent of Ronaldo.  And given his own coaches opinion, I do not get the sense that Mr. Lin is the stuff that typical Tag Heuer marketing plans are made of.  Sorry to sound mean, but I'm calling bullshit.  Mr. Lin started to "crack" as soon as he was let go by the Knicks.  

Or to put it another way - Ball Don't Lie.

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